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01-09-2020, 01:25 PM,
Unit: Dynamic Websites
Assignment title: Air Pollution


Air pollution is becoming a growing concern and it can have both long-term and short-term
effects on the health of people such as lung and heart conditions, breathing problems and
sensitivity to pollution. You have been asked to create a website that provides information
about air pollution, including data on air pollution levels now and in the past, in a country of
your choice.
The entrepreneurs of Air Pollution are looking for you to create a dynamic website which
should include content that changes as the requirements of the user change, e.g. you
should include an automatically loading background video. The website should offer a
fluid layout and should allow the website to be responsive for reading and navigation on
different devices. It should include animation and interaction when accessing different
social media buttons or the navigation buttons.
A database will need to be created to allow interested users to create their own personal
account. The system will store personal details of each user e.g. their full name, their
email address, their date of birth, and their postal address including postcode.
A web enabled application needs to be created to allow users to create, query, browse
and manipulate the database and allow the user to create and edit their own records.
The website should include search engine optimisation and include a responsive landing
page (which includes a compelling headline, eye-catching images and at least two media
links to relevant pollution websites). It should also include call to action buttons which
allow users to sign-up for updates. These should be appropriately included on the landing
pages. These buttons should be eye catching and should offer the customer a free home
pollution testing kit.
Users need to create their own account to log into the system via a registration script.
Once they log in they should be presented with an interface that allows them to:
• View their account
• Update their information
• Change their password
You are expected to use a combination of PHP, MySQL and JavaScript to create this
application. Your application should also make use of a web service to show the
purchases that have been made.

Task 1 – 32 Marks
Create a landing page for the Air Pollution website which includes the following elements:
• Compelling caption against a clean colourful backdrop
• Clean colourful backdrop
• Eye-catching images
• Scroll-triggered animations
• Automatically loading background video
• Fluid layout
• Animated/interactive social media buttons or navigation buttons

• TWO (2) media links to relevant pollution websites
• At least ONE (1) call to action button (sign-up)
• An offer of a free home pollution testing kit pop-up button for signing up when the
customer hovers over the sign-up action button

Task 2 – 18 Marks
• Create the login and registration system (if the username is not recognised). This
should include username and password and store personal details of each
customer including their full name, their email address, their date of birth and postal
address including postcode.
• To gain the highest marks for this task you should make the system as robust as
possible including use hashing as a security measure to protect password .
• It should limit the user to THREE (3) attempts at a login if this fails then lock the
account for TEN (10) minutes and it should check that the username is not already
in use and that the password is checked against the stored password.

Task 3 – 10 Marks
Once the users have logged on they should have access to their account.
Create an online “contact us” form where customers can ask questions. When the user
submits the form, it should provide “set” FAQ answers back to the customer before a final
submission of the form is permitted, displaying the FAQ page before the customer can
submit the form.

Task 4 – 20 Marks
The following additional features should be included in the website:
• Mobile accessible website on phone/tablet
• Suitable use of a web service
• Responsive/adaptive pages based on user needs
• Personalising the content by adding the city name to the landing page header as a
personal touch

Task 5 – 10 Marks
Ensure that front end users have the ability to create and query their data that they are
currently browsing.

Task 6 – 10 Marks
You are required to write a FIVE HUNDRED (500) word reflection on this activity. Answer
the following questions:
1. What have you learnt?
2. How could the system be improved or further developed to become a fully mobile
3. Which parts of the development did you find most difficult and why was this?
4. Why have you chosen responsive over adaptive layout or adaptive layout over
responsive and what are the advantages/disadvantages of these different
5. How did you overcome these difficulties?

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