Full Version: Automated Video Enhancement for Digital Camera Electronics Engineering Project
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Art, it is said, merely reflects life and society. If there is one medium of expression that has seduced the imagination of the populace, it is the motion picture. From humble beginnings, the art of film-making is now nearly a century old.
It comes as little surprise then to see a whole host of amateur filmmakers making home-made films. This of course has been made possible due to the surge in video and audio recording technologies. The digital video camcorders have been envisaged to help such target market segments by adding a lot of functionalities such as autofocusing and autoexposure. This however, does not guarantee the right results all the time. In fact a large portion of every film’s production time is normally wasted in the post-production stage, with editing required to perform various tasks such as colour correction, brightness and contrast control and a frame-by-frame editing of videos.
Powerful computers and commercially available versatile video-audio editing softwares such as Apple Corp's Final Cut Pro or Avid are expensive and sophisticated tools offering a multitude of services in the post-processing stage of development of a film. Given the cost and sheer complexity of these softwares, they are often limited to use in studio houses or editing companies. And even here, it requires trained professionals who rely heavily on human senses to produce error-free, professional looking films.
This requires time, training and introduces human errors, in that there will always be a limitation on what is perceived as the right brightness level or colour consistency over the entire duration of a scene from the film.
This is where we come into the picture. The problems with autofous and autoexposure in modern digital cameras are discussed in depth in the Report and new technique is developed to overcome this problem.

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