Full Version: Latest PC based Computer Engineering Project Ideas
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Latest PC based Computer Engineering Project Ideas 2014

1. Home automation (ac/dc) using PC interface.Computer Engineering Project
2. PC based data acquisition system using (max232).Computer Engineering Project
3. Microcontroller enabled PC based industrial protection.Computer Engineering Project
4. Robot direction controlling using RF communication .remote monitoring any alarm on PC using radio communication.Computer Engineering Project
5. Miniature real-time controller (6-channel outputs) with PC interface and i2c protocol.Computer Engineering Project
6. GPS navigator/logger (microcontroller board +PC software)Computer Engineering Project
7. PC based dc motor speed controlComputer Engineering Project
8. RF based communication system between keypad and PCComputer Engineering Project
9. 8 channel remote control using PC Computer Engineering Project
10. PC based smart home ---
11. PC based street light controller –
12. PC based temperature monitoring and control Computer Engineering Project
13. PC based remote controlled wireless automation system Computer Engineering Project
14. PC based ADC interfacing –
15. Industrial automation via PC .--
16. PC based data acquisition system by stimulating SPI and I2C protocol implementation.-
17. Microcontroller Based GSM and Pc interface.--
18. PC based robot controlling.Computer Engineering Project
19. Robotic arm manipulator using PC.
20. RFID data logger using PC.Computer Engineering Project