Full Version: social networking site Project in asp.net 4.5 with c#
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Hello! I am Sandhikshan Das and CSE final year student. we are four in our project group and have done summer training on asp.net 4.5[c#] . We have choosen a topic , social networking site named frienddiary.com just as facebook by asp.net 4.5 framework with c# support. Till now We have made some pages as login.aspx page[this page includes login & new user registration options in one page] , forgot password.aspx,terms&conditions.aspx, home.aspx[this page will come as home page after user login like our facebook homepage],profile.aspx, photos.aspx but there are no database and no connection with login and submit buttons. and user update will also be visible in home page and there will be livechat also if it is possible.
So my request is to complete this project totally. Thank you.

[S.N Confusedhould be done by asp.net 4.5 in visual studio 2012 with c#]