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my project is online library in which i need only simple website from PHP codes and a database in SQL

scenario of my project is that first user can register himself on the website then he read online books and also can purchase from the website .

and on the other side only one admin can see all the user details and manage online books, which books are most useful for the user in terms of the programming language he will publish on a site so user can access and read from the site .

links on the home page for user will be
search books by name ,category .or aurthor
registration for a new user
user log in for a registered user
sign out

for admin site
home page
adding books or update books
total stock of books
users or user details
admin log in
sign out ...

database name will be online library in which these table i need

books stock
or some other tables which you think are useful in this project..

all this project will be made from php codes ..

i will be very thankful to u . the last day for my project is friday 14 march if u can finish on friday and kindly inform me ... i m very trouble help me plzz ...very thnkful to u Sad