Full Version: biometrics used as entity identifier of wireless body sensor networks
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As electronic communication became more prevalent, mobile
and universal, the threats of data compromises also grown larger.
Security is the prime concern in this world.BSN interconnects the
sensors placed in the human body. Biosensors are used to collect
the biological data from different parts of the body at different
times. Security and privacy are the potential problem in BSN.
The solution to this problem is using the biometric approach. The
conventional biometrics cannot be used in the BSN because it is
not having high randomness and it is time invariant. Thus novel
biometrics can be used.
Human body is inherently having the ability to communicate in
a secure manner. Thus the physiological characteristics can be
captured by the sensors of BSN to generate the entity identifier.
The main goal of this paper is to secure the communication
between the nodes of the BSN and to avoid interference. The
InterPulsed Interval (IPI) of the ECG signal can be used as a
biometric trait to distribute the key in a secure manner. Since the
medical information is sent over the network, the security plays
a vital role in the BSN.