Full Version: Complaint Management System for a College
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Dear Friend I need this Project For my final year of B.tech Cs Branch,Plz help me out from this shit.i m so confused about it how i will make it done,so plz help me friend.
basically this project includes all complaints get loged by students of college to the admin of this project,and he/she will look after all the complaints registerd by students.various compalints such as ragging,library,labs,canteen,hostel,water,toilet,security complaints,and many more such as compalints againt any faculty...i hope u understand.
plz plz help me out dear,
(Based on Java(jsp/servlet),html,css,javascript,with a database on ms access.

Thanks You.
HOpe u ll help me sure Smile
My email id (rossy.gal18@gmail.com)
plz respond[/color]