Full Version: Energy Efficient Virtual MIMO Communication for Wireless Sensor Networks project
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Abstract:- Virtual multiple input multiple output (MIMO) techniques are used for energy efficient communication in wireless sensor networks. We investigate virtual MIMO for fixed and variable rates. We propose energy efficient routing based on virtual MIMO. The simulation results show that virtual MIMO based routing is more energy efficient as compared to SISO (single input single output) for larger distances.
In recent years, virtual MIMO has attracted a growing interest because of its energy efficiency in large field of networks. In virtual MIMO network,a group of sensors cooperate to transmit and receive data. Although the participation of multiple transmitters and receivers in a transmission save significant energy in long-range communications, the increase in the number of transmitters and receivers also increases the circuitry power consumption.As a result, the energy optimization techniques have to be adapted with the environment. Due to the circuitry complexity and difficulty of integrating separate antenna, virtual MIMO concepts are applied in wireless sensor networks (WSNs) for energy efficient communication to save energy and increase reliability.

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