Full Version: Neuro-Fuzzy DC Motor Electrical Engineering Project
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Fuzzy DC Motor Electrical Engineering Project

This paper presents an application of Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System
(ANFIS) control for DC motor speed optimized with swarm collective
intelligence. First, the controller is designed according to Fuzzy rules such
that the systems are fundamentally robust. Secondly, an adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy
controller of the DC motor speed is then designed and simulated; the ANFIS
has the advantage of expert knowledge of the Fuzzy inference system and the
learning capability of neural networks. Finally, the ANFIS is optimized by
Swarm Intelligence. Digital simulation results demonstrate that the deigned
ANFIS-Swarm speed controller realize a good dynamic behavior of the DC
motor, a perfect speed tracking with no overshoot, give better performance
and high robustness than those obtained by the ANFIS alone.
DC Motor speed control; Neuro-Fuzzy controller; Swarm collective
intelligence; ANFIS controller using PSO.


Hi my name is Vishal. Can you please send me the code of this project. It would be very thankful to u.
My email is andymandy735@gmail.com
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