Full Version: Electrical Engineering Latest Project Ideas 2014
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Electrical Engineering projects Ideas ,Project abstracts, EE project reports and paper presentations For Final Year Diploma Students & Engineering Students .Final Year Students can select best electrical project topics on robotics, embedded systems, GPS, GSM, wireless communication etc. we provide full project reports for electronic projects and abstracts with circuit diagrams & Presentation PPT.

1. Transformer protection panel
2. Working Model of maglev
3. Maximum power point Tracking
4. Motorised wheel Chair
5. Controller of Electrical Vehicale
6. Deregulation of Energy Sector
7. Cathodic protection
8. Radial Feeder protection
9. PLC Based System
10. Numerical Relay
11. Measurement of electrical parameters
12. Variable Frequency Drive
13. 3 Phase Analayzer
14. Modeling and simulation of Congestion management in transmission sector of deregulated electricity market.
15. Electrical Bicycle

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