Full Version: User FAQ on HP Printers
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Where can I find the IP address on my hp printer?
Initially search for control panel and select printer option. Now, right-click on the printer and choose properties. This will display the IP address. The IP address is a combination of numbers and text. For more info refer 123.hp.com printer
How do I fix my printer not responding?
Turn on your printer and click the Apple menu on a Mac device. Then navigate to System preference. Now choose Print& Fax or printer & scanner option. Right-click on the printer window and click Reset printing system. The complete setup instruction is available on 123.hp.com/setup.
How do I print wirelessly without a wireless router?
In the first place, turn on HP wireless direct from the control panel. Then connect your mobile device to Wireless direct. Eventually, enter the password. Or else select the Wireless option from the connectivity option from the printer software.
How do I fix printing and scanning problems using Mac OS X?
p>From the Apple menu, select the system preference. Next, move to Printers & Scanner option. Now from the printer list, choose your printer. Then click on the Scan tab. Open the scanner, change your preferred settings and click Scan. The scanner setting preference is available on 123.hp.com printer