Full Version: Online PET SHOP using .NET/ASP.NET
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Hey friends, I am looking for a project on Online Pet Shop. I want to create a website for this and these are my requirements:-
1. The shop should contain the following breeds of dog with information and image: labrador retriver, bulldog, doberman,pug, pomernian, St.bernard, american eskimo, german shepherd and yokshire terrier.
2. It should contain the following cat breeds: Maine Coon, Manx, siamese, siberian cat, pixie-bob cat and persian cat.
3. It should contain following fish species: bluetang, goldfish, butterflyfish, clownfish, starfish.
4. It should also contain pet accessories like their food, toys, belts,etc.
5. the website should have a login page, registration page, online billing system and shipping details.

Please help me build this project with source code and documentation.
Thank You.