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online yellow pages with adsvertisment
10-15-2014, 07:12 PM,
Heart  online yellow pages with adsvertisment
“online yellow pages with ads” is useful website for people of any specific city and which are outside of city who want to know about the city. this website is provide map guideline for between two places. The user can easily find the way where he wants to go. It is also useful to see famous places of city.
“Local Search Engine” is very powerful website for local people who want to shopping accessories. User can easily find a shop about any types like garments, shoes, electronics etc. Even any want to open a new shop he can register his shop to our site. So user can advertise his shop and customer has a choice of his shop.
“Local Search Engine” is providing an Entertainment place for user. Suppose user wants to see a movie or he wants to know information about hotel so this website is useful for him. User can easily know about the show of movie and rent of hotel. We can also published famous tuition classes of our city.
So finally our website provides all facilities of our city and user can easily find which user want.

Project Analysis:
The system after careful analysis has been identified to present with the following modules:
1. Admin Module
2. User Module
3. Products Module
4. Advertisement Module
5. Yellow Pages Module

1. Admin Module:
This module is all about an Administrator who maintains this application. This module allows Administrator to add all objects in this application. The entire application is under control of an Administrator. The administrator is having authority to add, delete, modify, details of data which is presented in the database.
2. User Module
This module is all about user. Through this module the user can view all the functionalities of an application, he can search for required products, and jobs etc, users can post his /her resumes by registering in this application.
3. Products Module:
User can search products here .The products that are added by the administrator is displayed.

4. Advertisement Module
The user can Post your add of products etc.Top of the website.

5. Yellow Pages Module
With the few letters submission of the company we can get the details
Of the company. And also we can search for any addresses of any organization.

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