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online tour and travels
05-19-2014, 07:58 PM, (This post was last modified: 05-19-2014, 08:03 PM by am1989.)
Heart  online tour and travels
good evening,

My project title is Online tour and travels.I urgently need this project for my final exam and i need this project in php with My SQL with all required diagrams,details about the project for final exam presentation and required documents in a word document format.Please do this as a priority i need as early as possible.This project is going to play very important role in my final exam so please do this need as priority because i need it urgently for my final exam presentation. so please do this as early as possible..means i need this project before saturday.
Thank you in advance

2.2 Product Functions
2.2.1 For general user
 Login and registration.
 View and update profile.
 Booking flights which are Domestic & International.
 Generate e-tickets in pdf format.
 Pay the bill and also get discount.

2.2.2 For Administrator
 Login by manage all the task.
 Updates information.
 View performance.
 Verification of user and agent.
 Change the password.

2.2.3 All Visitors
 All the visitors can visit the site to get their purposes of information.
 The visitor can only see the packages and only see the details of the website, but he cannot perform anything on the website, or he can’t book the tickets

 Required Input:
 Proper Details of login has to be filled in appropriate form for authenticate valid client.
 The registration process is carried out if new user enters proper information into the required form.

 Generated Output:
 The clients Login details are saved in a database for reference.
 The new user’s registration details are kept within the database.
 The user/clients are updated with recent news through news table in database.
 The user feedback is retrieved and response is sent through the feedback and inquiry tables in database.
 The user/client’s Inquiry details are updated through database.

 Function & Performance :
 The client details are updated as when changes takes place and store updated values in database.
 The user’s inquiry, feedback and complaints are stored in database and in turn used to view details and updated frequently.
 The registration and login process are easier to perform.
 The client can put up their advertisement for users to view it.

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