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online storage website
02-02-2014, 11:11 AM,
online storage website
i am Bilal Bin Amar, I am looking for the project to store any type of file in the sql server 2008 which allow user to store(upload) and download files from sql server just like , user to have edit, delete, update , share link to his / her friends and the user should have minimum upto 20GB of space to upload and the maximum size of file that user upload is can be upto 20GB, and the user should have ability to view his any type of file on the site itself(like site should support all the file related th text or ms office, pdf,and support any file related to video or audio user can play the file with all necessary control for the file ), there should be download button for the user to download selected files or to views files,

the site should be dynamic website in using C# language with visual studio 2012 and sql server 2008, along with the project code I need Database also.
if any more details need or any change in the project then I will let you know....

I will be wattling for your project code..............

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