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online banking system project in HTML with back end SQL
09-29-2014, 05:40 PM,
Smile  online banking system project in HTML with back end SQL
The main aim of this project is it gives information about the Functioning of Databases in Banking System. The term "online banking" or "internet banking" covers both computer and telephone banking. Using computer banking, a customer either uses his computer to dials directly into its bank's computer or gains access to the bank’s computer over the internet.
banking transactions can be actioned 24 hours a day. Online banking allows the person, for instance, to view recent transactions, print out statements and transfer funds between accounts and make payments. Internet banking also allows payments to be made to the customer, i.e. acceptance of credit card donations. Internet banking gives you the power to control your finances completely. You are no longer tied down to managing your money during the hours the bank is open[/font]
All the Functionalities of Banking Systems are credited in this project.
They are providing ample facilities to satisfy their customers i.e. Net Banking, Mobile Banking, Investment facility, Demat facility, Credit Card facility, Loans and Advances, Account facility etc. And such banks get success to create their own image in public and corporate world. These banks always accepts innovative notions in Indian banking scenario like Credit Cards, ATM machines, Risk Management etc. So, as a student business economics I take keen interest in Indian economy and for that banks are the main source of development.

Since Banking involves dealing directly with money, governments in most countries regulate this sector rather stringently.

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