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internship project platform for college student
12-07-2017, 09:41 AM,
internship project platform for college student
problem statement
In today’s professional education like engineering, in many institutes it is found that though the students
are very good at their technical subjects still they are facing the problem of getting practical knowledge.
According to the survey conducted by us it is found that the same problem of not getting proper practical
knowledge in institute of our students. The students of our institute facing the problem in improving their
technical skills and practical knowledge. Students are also not able to cope up with the organization’s work
In institutes if the student want to join the internship, then he / she has to apply it offline. But now
today’s fast growing era and busy schedule it seems very difficult to go through the offline procedure. The
student has to face tremendous troubles to find out their desired internship company by a manual
process. Many times students has wander a lot to get internship in their cities or nearest cities. After then
problem of reference also occurs. Hence college T & P coordinator has to take lot of efforts.
Even after finding the internship by the student the problem does not ends here. The student also has to fill
internship form ,the student has submit his / her resume to the company .The student also has to take
legal permission from departmental T & P coordinator, HOD , College T & P in charge and Principal. The
Student has sign no objection bond letter. For doing all this procedure the student has to spent lot of time
apart from his academics. It is also found that there is huge requirement of paper work to be maintained
by the students college and company. As India is moving towards the digitization there should be some
sort of solution to get out of it.

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