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eBallots- a online election system
04-08-2014, 08:22 AM,
eBallots- a online election system
Dear Developer,
This is web based election system. A application is proposed to develop a system to maintain all the activity of the election procedure.
Now i will give little description about this application.

This application makes use of MVC pattern with JSP and Servlet. MySQL is used as Database and Eclipse IDE is used for development.

The main user of the system is Administrator, Staff, Candidate and Voter.
Every user have go through Login System to use this application. Password will be send to user on registered mail. Users login id will be same as their Administrator id, Staff id, Candidate id, Voter id.
Administrator details,Area details are filled directly using database. There is no facility to register administrator in application.

Administrator have the supreme power to add,edit and update staff as well as view voter and verify candidate registration. Administrator can generate report and view portfolio.

Staff will register voter and can update and view voter. Staff can view portfolio.

Candidate can register them self and will be verified by the Administrator.

Voter can view candidate and cast vote.

Here i have also attached the Project Report for developer ease that i have prepared.This can be considered as sample report.

Thank You!

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