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e-commerce and membership portal
10-02-2020, 10:58 AM,
e-commerce and membership portal
This will be an e-commerce website where the users will be able to buy different products such as cell phones, electronics, jewelry etc. This site will offer different subscription options for membership, and membership discounts.
       [b]Functional Requirements:[/b]
This site should offer the user a variety of products through proper navigational structure. It means that each product should be listed under the appropriate category. For example the product LED TV should be under the Electronics category.


You can follow the following sites for your reference (for products, categories and design)

And any other related websites /portals


Your site should allow the admin to create any number of categories and products. Your site should have at least 12 to 15 categories and within those categories you should have at least 30 to 40 products added.


This site will have 3 different types of users:

1.     Admin

2.     Member (Gold, Silver, Bronze)

3.     Non-Member (Site visitor)


-[font=Times New Roman]        [/font]Should be able to add/remove/update products or categories on the site

-[font=Times New Roman]        [/font]Should be able to make any required updates on the site

-[font=Times New Roman]        [/font]Should be able to create promotions for specific or all products/categories

-[font=Times New Roman]        [/font]Should be able to add/update/remove a member

-[font=Times New Roman]        [/font]Should be able to add/update/remove membership types


-[font=Times New Roman]        [/font]There should be three different types of members. Gold, Silver and Bronze

-[font=Times New Roman]        [/font]Members will sign up through a registration form on the site

-[font=Times New Roman]        [/font]The registration form will determine the type of membership for a member

-[font=Times New Roman]        [/font]Upon registration, the member will be able to login to his/her account.

-[font=Times New Roman]        [/font]The registered members will have a default discount offered to them by the admin on all the products on the site.

-[font=Times New Roman]        [/font]Gold member will get 10%, Silver will get 7% and Bronze will get 5% discount on all the products on the site after they are logged in on the site.

-[font=Times New Roman]        [/font]Registered users will also be able to utilize any promotion (promo code or date specific sale on the site).



-[font=Times New Roman]        [/font]A non-member is a regular site visitor who comes on the site to view its contents, offers etc.

-[font=Times New Roman]        [/font]The non-members will not get any default discount on the site so will be charged with the full amount of the products.

-[font=Times New Roman]        [/font]Non-member should be able to use any promotions or discount codes provided given by the admin.


Note: The following points should be strictly followed while developing the site:


1.     The content of the site should be visible to everyone (member/non-member)

2.     The site should have a registration/membership page where different types of memberships should be offered to the user

3.     Membership types will include Bronze, Silver and Gold which will offer 5%, 7%, and 10% discount respectively on each product that user will buy

4.     In case of non-member the user should be charged with full price of the product

5.     User should be able to buy a single product or add multiple products into a shopping cart and then buy all at once

6.     In either case, the user will be taken to the checkout page where the user will finalize the purchase of the selected product(s) by making payment (through credit card, paypal, etc.)


HTML, CSS, PHP, Dream Viewer, Notepad++, Wamp Server, My SQL


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10-28-2020, 10:18 AM,
RE: e-commerce and membership portal
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