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data leakage detection and prevention system.
02-01-2018, 03:08 PM,
data leakage detection and prevention system.
This project addresses various data leakage problems: Consider a data sender who transfers some confidential data to some of his counterparts (third party). Some of this sensitive data gets leaked accidentally or purposely by an attacker and is downloaded on his terminal. The distributor must find the possibilities that the compromised data was from one or more of his counterparts, as opposed to having gathered by other means. So our project allows for data allocation tactics (through the counterparts) that improves the chances of identifying data leakages. These methods do not depend on various alterations of the transferred data like parity. In some of the cases, we can also insert “realistic but fake” data records into the data stream to further improve our chances of identifying unknown data leakages and also the party responsible for it.

Either We consider the option of adding a fake objects to the distributed set. Such objects do not correspond to real entities but appear realistic to the agents.
If it turns out that an agent was given one or more fake objects that were leaked, then the distributor can be more confident that agent was guilty.

 Step 1:Once user login, according to their login details (i.e. username and password), the user will be identified that whether the user is Distributor or agent.
 Step 2:Once user identified the respective page will be shown where the distributor can send the files to agents as well as monitor the file sharing among the agents.
 Step 3:While sending the file from distributor to agents some Fake object to the file which is being sent to agent.
 Step 4:If any agent is sending the same file to any other agent it will be identified and marked him/her as guilty Distributor can identify the guilty agents while monitoring the agents.
 Step 5:File content will be deleted except hidden object if any agent is sending file to another agent.
 It helps in detecting whether the distributor's sensitive data has been leaked by the trustworthy or authorized agent.
 It helps to identify the agent who leaks the data. It reduces cybercrime

Or we can use emails for notification to distributer that the file is leaked by perticular guilty agent.

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