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Web Based Product Management System for steel Factory
05-14-2016, 09:12 AM, (This post was last modified: 05-14-2016, 09:15 AM by abdumomo.)
Information  Web Based Product Management System for steel Factory
2 System Requirement Specification Document
Software Requirement Specification (SRS) is the starting point of the software developing activity. As system grew more complex, it became evident that the goal of the entire system cannot be easily known. Hence the need for the requirement phase retired. The software projects is initiated by the client needs. The SRS is the means of translating the ideas of the minds of clients (the input) into a formal document (the output of the requirement phase).
2.1 Functional requirement
In order to achieve the specific objectives our system will include the following functionality
1 Register Raw materials: - register raw material in to the database that can be used in the production process registered by stock manager. Register number of the material ID and production date and also must register the date of registration. And also delete, update, the list and the properties of the material at any time. This can be done by Stock manager.
2 Register Products: -the final output of the product that can be registered by product manager. Register the output of the factory all information about the product like the date of completed day , types of material that can be used in the process and also delete from the database of the list by product manager.

3 Register Employees :-register the worker in the factory , employee id , Register Addresses of the employee also name of the employee all information about employee register and delete employee and update the information of employee when it needed by Administrator of the system.

4 Generate Report:-all the actors generate report about the production for except the Administrator ,The employee generate Report daily about the work on the day to the product manager and the sock manager generate report about how many row materials can be used in the day and how many left on the store to the product manger
and the product manager report all information about the factory to the factory owner and the admin report all information about the employ and activity of the employee to the manger
5 Manage Order: - manage the order time when the customer order different kinds of product then the product manager check the order is finished or not in the time.
6 Check Stock: - check daily the material that can be used and how much left on the store and count the number of material daily .calculate the economic order quantity and generate production inventory reports done by stock manager.
7 Create Job Orders:-to inform the order of product type to the worker
This can be done by product manager.
8 Manage Production :- Manage and update day to day operation and anything new the factory can be add and delete in general manage overall production system by production manager

2.2 Non-Functional Requirements
Non-functional requirement is a requirement that specifies criteria that can be used to judge the operation of a system, rather than specific behaviours.

• Information
- The System will produce accurate report
- The System provides timely information to the stock manager.
• Performance
- The system is required to meet the need of the product manager
- Should have reasonable response time.

• Economy
- The system will reduce man power cost
- Uninterruptible power supply must be installed to avoid data loss.

• Security
- The System product manager should enter user name, id and password to perform task.
- The system should have different access level in order to avoid unauthorized data access.
- The system should shut down after product manager logged out
• Service
- The system should be reliable, expandable and flexible.

thnaks for helping us please this web based product management system in php
and after 3 weak my presention day please contact me othe requirment is needed we begin in dreamwever php language

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