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Title: Java-based Picture Viewing Applet
01-09-2014, 06:09 AM,
Title: Java-based Picture Viewing Applet
Description. In this project we will design a web page picture-viewing applet. This applet will allow pictures that are stored in a publicly accessible portion of server space to be conveniently organized and viewed online. It will have the following properties:

The program will recognize the pictures in a specific directory and create a pull down menu to access the pictures based on the filename of the picture. The filename will be of a specific format (i.e. GroupName_PictureName_PictureCaption), and a pull down menu will be created with the group names listed, with menus off of each group name that list all the available pictures in that grouping.
Upon startup, the program will access the specified picture directory and create the pull down menu from the available pictures. Thus, the program will never need to be updated for changes in the available pictures, and placing a picture online will be as simple as uploading it into the specified picture directory.
The program will offer two viewing modes, as follows:

Mode 1 will allow full size pictures to be viewed, as accessed from the pull down menu. In this mode, the picture caption (notes that correspond to the picture) will be displayed below the picture.

Mode 2 will show thumbnail pictures of each of the available pictures in a group. These thumbnail pictures will actually be buttons themselves, and clicking on them will bring up a full size view of the picture. Holding the mouse over a thumbnail picture will display its caption.

This project will make the presentation of photos online much simpler, since the program will recognize the pictures available on the server and automatically make them available to a user. Again, the web page author will only need to name the picture using the specified naming convention and then upload the picture onto the server to make the picture available.

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