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Staff records automation system
05-13-2017, 05:14 AM,
Staff records automation system
I am trying to work on this system as my final year project, and i am finding it quit challenging, i am glad that i have found u guys and you can help. Thank you.
The system should be written in the java programming language, it should contain the details of a staff and his passport (id,firstName,middleName,lastName,dateAppointment,position,salaryGrade,Address1,Address2,state,localGovernment,email,phoneNumber,photo); it should have a view button that will enable all the records within the system to be displayed. The system should have an update button to allow for the update of records within the system, it should have the capability of uploading required documents such as CV and other credentials,it should have a manage button that can manage the following
This system should have access control that allows the admin and Department Head READ,WRITE,DELETE,EXECUTE while other users can login and only have READ access. This system is not an online system. Thanks

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