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04-04-2015, 07:54 AM,
It's need to be a simple project
Written on Visual studio ,create ASP.NET Application with local Data Base with sql

In this exercise we will write part of a web application for organizing events. The use of the application is based on Registration to the web.
User can set events like - weddings, Brit, Birthday…, When the user will enter the site he will see the list of events he described, and can set a new event.

System Requirements -
1. There are two types of users - "anonymous user" - one that comes to home page of the application and does not have a user name and password, and " registered user"- that recorded in the system, it has a user name and password.
2. "anonymous user" can only see the Home page, any other action would require him to register.
3. On the registration to the site, The user will provide the following information - a user name, password, email address, first name, last name and birthday.
4. Login to the web will be carried out by a user name and password.
5. When a user will log in to the web ,he will be redirected to his personal page in which he sees the events he described.
6. The user can define new event by clicking on the "Add Event". Clicking on the button will route the user to creating an event. The user will indicate the type of event (by free text or from a list of existing events such as "Birthday", "wedding ", Bar Mitzvah " …, and the date.
7. After adding the event, the user will see the events page again.
8. The user will be able to update and / or delete an existing event by clicking the event from the events page.
9. The user can logout from the system.

Further clarification:
The system you write must meet the requirements listed above, display the user's events as a table .
Wherever required input, validity check must be performed. For example, for a user name exists, or input of a correctly formatted date ...

Scoring in the project will be provided by the following:
- Proper division layers - no mixing of code between different layers, there is a clear separation between the information layer, logic and presentation.
- The right design of the database - true and flexible representation of information.
- Compliance with the aforementioned system.
- Minimum Security - Customers who are not registered will not be able to come and watch the events of registered customers.
- "normal" design (minimum of colors, straightening, backgrounds...).
- Bonuses can be given on - unusual design. Anyway remember that ultimately must be basic functionality.

- you have to documented in a separate files - ERD diagram or any variation of her description of the database, attach Chart departments and everything that you think requires explanation.

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