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OnlineCurrency Conversion Management using PHP System
04-26-2014, 05:23 PM,
Wink  OnlineCurrency Conversion Management using PHP System
I would like to ask someone who can give us PHP source codes to build an ONLINE CURRENCY CONVERTER SYSTEM which will acts as a tool for calculating money from one country to an other vice-versa but linked to a trusted website when updating exchange rates.

Briefly this tool will help Forex bureau Tellers to exchange between different money eg.($<=>Euro) according to updated rates but also providing history of all transaction(conversions) done everyday in the database.

I want any help from someone who can give me all related codes including all interfaces design(Forms,Menus design,buttons,[/font][/size] converting widget), Database connection(with View and delete options) and Tables structure because i'm still a beginner in PHP.

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