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Online Election project on PHP
03-31-2014, 01:42 PM,
Star  Online Election project on PHP
On-line Voting System is a web based system that facilitates the running of elections and surveys online. This system has been developed to simplify the process of organizing elections and make it convenient for voters to vote remotely from their home computers while taking into consideration security, anonymity and providing auditioning capabilities.

Users are individuals who interact with the system. All user interaction is performed remotely through the user's web browser. Users are categorized into three classes: Administrator, Returning Officers and Voters.

A running version of the system will have only one Administrator but it typically has multiple returning officers and voters. The administrator is responsible for managing user accounts, polls, system resources and logs and for the health and safekeeping of the system. Returning officers have the responsibility of managing a poll as assigned by the administrator, whereas voters only have the ability to submit ballots on polls in which they are admitted.

Voting system included the following steps:

-Registration of Voting

-Issue of Voting Documents

-Voting phase

-Request of blinded Voter Signature

- Issue of blinded Voting Register Signature

-Delivery of the Vote

-Confirmation of Ballot Box

-Confirmation for Register of Voters

- Confirmation of Register of Voters

-Initiate counting

-Receipt Votes for counting

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