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Online Auction
03-24-2014, 05:33 PM,
Online Auction
Online Auction

This project aims at creating an Online Auctioning system which can be used to buy and sell articles. The users of the system can create an Item for sale providing the item name, description, an image of the item, minimum bid prize etc. The buyers can bid by providing a bid amount (which should be greater than the previous bid).

The system will have an administration module to administer the categories of the Shop as well as to block fraudulent users. The administrator will set up the Categories of the items. A category is a logical subdivision of products (eg: Furniture, Electronic Accessories, Books) Admin should be able to Create Categories, Merge Category etc. There will be a Search by which users can search for items up for sale.
Functional components of the project
Users needs to register to the site and login in order to access the Auction site
There are two types of users in the system
• Administrator
• Normal User

As soon as the user logs in to the system the home page is displayed. The home page should be a dashboard from where the user can go to any of the other functionality available in the site
1) Contents of Home Page
• Search textbox with a go Button to search for individual items
• A list of all Categories available in the system. It will also show in brackets the items up for sale in this category
• Sell an Item link

2) Functional specification for Search
The search should be a case insensitive search for items which contain the search key word. The search results should display all the items which matched the search criteria. It will return only those items which are up for sale currently.

3) Sell an Item
When the user clicks on Sell an item link, then a page comes up which allows the user to do the following:-
• Provide a title for the item and a description of the Item.
• There will be Upload Image Button which the user uses to upload an image of the item. There will be a Upload text button by which the user can upload a word document giving the description/specification of the item.
• A text box to put in the minimum bid price
• A text box to provide the Auction end date.
• A text box to provide bid increment.

4) Category Browsing
When the user clicks on any of the Categories in the home page, a new page should open up which shows all the items up for sale in the Category.

5) Buy an Item (Item Home page)
The Item home page can be reached either by clicking on the search results or by clicking on an Item while doing Category browsing.
The Item home page contains the following:-
• The title of the Item
• The Description of the Item
• Uploaded images for the item(if any)
• Uploaded documents for the item(if any)
• The name of the Seller (This will be a link which opens up a new page which gives the rating of the seller)
• The minimum bid price (if any)
• The current bid price.
• A link to view the history of the previous bids which opens up a new page which gives the bid amount and the users who have bided
• The bid increment
• A button with a text box adjacent to put a new Bid (This feature won’t be available for the seller of the item)

6) Edit an Item

The sellers should be able to edit the item. The seller should be able to do the following:-
1) Upload a new Image
2) Upload a document
3) Change the bid increment
4) Notifications:-

Whenever the auction end date is over the seller and the buyer will be notified by a new message will appear in the Notification tab. (The seller and user should contact each other to get the items shipped).

8) Rating (Optional)
A rating mechanism can be developed for rate buyers and sellers. For example for each item sold, the seller will rate the buyer in a scale of -5 to +5. A rating of 0 will be no rating. For each rating the buyers points will be increased or decreased (in case of –ve rating) by the rating. So if a buyer has a high cumulative rating means that he is a good buyer.
9) Administrator functionality
Administrator should be able to block fraudulent users from using the system. Admin
should be able to add more categories and merge categories

Database Fields Specification
Following tables might be needed to serve the application.
Item Table – To store the details about the item (item name, item id, bid status etc)
User Table – To store the details about the user (user name, password, items uploaded for selling etc)
Item Table
No. Field Name Range of valid values for the field Remarks
1 Item Title 1 to 100 This is the key field of the database as it is unique for an Course..
2 Item_description Up to 4000 characters in length.
3 Item_Id 1 to 1000 A unique id for the Item
4 Bid Status A or I Active or Inactive
5 Bid StartDate Date
6 Bid End Date Date
7 Bid Incremenent It can be incremented by any amount depending on the value of th item
8 Minimum bid
9 CategoryId 1to 1000 The category to which the item belongs

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