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Need Student Feedback System Project in and MS Access
10-07-2014, 08:59 PM,
Need Student Feedback System Project in and MS Access
Hello Sir! Maself RB Smile I need a project named Student Feedback System on and MS access platforms. I need to submit it this week, but i could not do it cause of some personal reasons, neither do i have a guide or prior knowledge of So i could not complete, even though am still trying it, i would like to get source code and IEEE documentation from people like you so that i can improve my knowledge too.


Student Feedback System is a S/w where students can give feedback about their faculty by name and rating based on different categories like English Fluency, out of syllabus explanation, Practical knowledge, Doubt Clarification, Interaction. Which can be reviewed by Faculty and Principal by the rating. We should be able to show the best teacher too based on the ratings given.

Every student/Faculty/principal are supposed to register first with their roll numbers/ID numbers. If a faculty handles more than 1 subject an average is taken of the data. Best faculty should be shown to everyone based on the ratings. The student should be able to log in any numbers of times and give feedback. At the same time the faculty should be categorized by Dept and year of students they handle. Principal should be able to check each and everything, checking the ratings by dept and year. At the time of registration the user should give their id number along with their position like student or Faculty or Principal!

If further info is needed please whatsapp me at +917306728761! Would be so greatful if you can submit it within this week. Will payback the tribute. Thank You Smile

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