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N.G.O Website in ASP.NET
05-09-2014, 08:28 PM, (This post was last modified: 05-09-2014, 08:30 PM by Teeng Đặng.)
N.G.O Website in ASP.NET
Give-AID (Non-Governmental Organization) website needs to be developed which will comprise of various NGO’s. These NGO’s will take part in various welfare activities for raising funds to help the needy. The website must flash the details of all the activities or the events which are going to happen or conducted. It must also allow adding new NGO. The money can be paid by selecting the desired cause. The GIVE-AID has been established with the help of many major companies contribution.

Website Requirement:

The website is designed with the aim to help the needy. Various different types of program is being conducted for their welfare and benefits. Following is the requirement of the website:
• The home page of the website must have these menus like “Home”, “Donate”, “Help Centre”, “About us”, “ Our Partners”, “REGISTER”. The look of the page must be designed with no blank space left.
• The designing section will work with two modules:
• ADMIN: Admin module will manage all other content of the website like editing partner, about us, help centre, contact us, donation link and so on.
• USER: User can see and navigate the content of the website and also can register their account and choose the donation with concerned specified. Also they can ask others to join by sending mail to their respective ID’s.
• Navigation of the project must be user friendly and uniform.

The inner links or function of the website:

• In the ADMIN Module:
o Donation: In the Donation the list or other category must be included in the application which when user wish to pay can select their concern section. For eg: a person wants to donate for “Children Welfare Activity” or for “Disabled Person”.
o Other Partners: Various other companies associated with the organisation must be listed with logos (can be more précised).
o About us: The link will have various sub links and for each link a page must be designed whose information part can be edited by the admin member. Sub link such as
 What we do
 Our mission
 Our team
 Career with us
 Our achievements
 Our supporters
 Read About us
o Contact Us : Contact Us page must be designed.
o Can view all the registered Member of the website.
o Donate Us Link: This link will have sub link such as:
 Amount
 Cause (which will have list like Children, Education, Disabled, Woman, Youth, Elderly and so on)
o List of Others associated NGO’s: Admin can add the details of the NGO.
o Our Programmes: Details of the Programmes conducted by the NGO for Education, Health Care, Privileged children (Specially challenged).
o Replying queries.
o Adding Gallery section : Images of different programmes conducted must be added by the admin

• USER Module: Users can view the page of the website but content details cannot be edited by them. User Task includes:
o Registering their account. (need to enter few personal and professional data).
o Donate the amount (can select for which cause they want to donate) //note the payment transaction must be maintained properly by taking card details, credit card, debit card (though it is dummy but proper validation function must be included for it)
o Can send mail to invite other friends to join the cause
o Raise query
o Can send the interest take part in the upcoming programmes of NGO

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