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Loading Performance of WIMP, WAMP and LAMP
01-24-2014, 07:14 AM,
Loading Performance of WIMP, WAMP and LAMP
LAMP is an open source, web-based application solution stack. It is made up of an operating system platform that runs Linux, Apache web server, MySQL database management system and PHP. Large numbers of websites developed today deploy this architecture. Apache, MySql and PHP are also available on Windows Platform called WAMP and WIMP where IIS is the web server in WIMP instead of using apache.

However, there are frequent incidence of websites/web services failures especially when they are exposed to different loading situations or web traffic such as peak load, ramp load, gradual, static and dynamic loads

The project aims at conducting some performance, load and stress tests on each of WIMP, WAMP and LAMP platforms with each allocated same resources, with a view to finding the loading issues such as failure,slow response, low or non-performance of websites and web services associated with WIMP, WAMP and LAMP. It seeks to select and use a suitable free web test tool such as the Web Stress Tool, etc, to simulate or generate different loads (virtual users) and then record and analyze the behaviours of these platforms, (based on parameters like TTFB, TTLB, No. of hits, Requests per second, Socket connect, Total bytes sent, etc.) under these different loading situations so as to be able to compare the performances of the platforms.

Design of a suitable Test Plan and Test Report/ results analysis with some suitable snapshots would be highly appreciated.
Thank you very much!

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