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In-patient Management
05-03-2016, 10:45 AM,
In-patient Management
A hospital has 200 beds. The patients are admitted in the hospital. Every inpatient is under the treatment of a senior consultant (doctor). The senior consultant prescribes medications, tests and recommends consultation with other doctors. The nursing staff services the in-patient as well as takes sample for various tests or sends the patients for various tests or calls the doctors for consultation. The test reports are made available to all the doctors. Thus, the system should keep records of patients, their medical history, treatment and tests. It should also keep track of doctors and nursing staff who are handling various medical processes.
This system can also inform about the status of various beds in the hospital. Use suitable data structure/database to create this system. Your system should be such that it should try to answer the following queries:

• Displays the discharge summary, listing all the test reports and prescriptions during the patient’s stay in the hospital.

• List of admitted patients and their consulting doctors

• Possible prediction for future expansion of number of Beds or separation into specialised wards.

• List of all the staff of the hospital

plz frontend-html,css,javascripy
its really soon as u can

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