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I need shop management system project in C++ with graphics
03-15-2014, 08:07 AM,
Question  I need shop management system project in C++ with graphics
Hey all,
My name is Bony Ariwala, I need a project on Shop Management in C++ and with C++ graphics. I need it, Please anyone help me for source code or to solve an error of project.

Admin -> Create Admin, Log in Admin.
after Log in Category and in category (Insert, Update, Delete, Display) all works with id and product is should me auto increment.
for example : in Category having Cosmetics then id should be C1, C2, (update and delete should be by id) and insert Product name, Quantity and price,

Customer -> Show all category same as like admin side,
Select product according to Category and inserted by admin.
and if admin inserts quantity 100 and customer buy 10 quantity then in display product quantity should be 90 for all category product and generate invoice.

Otherwise If you need any help to refer ask me for that I will send you my project via email my project file it has error it has some problem that is when we buy product from house item it displaying display gray and in invoice all product 0 and remain quantity also display 0. Please anyone help me thanks..
My email id is
Thank you.Rolleyes

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