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I need an Online Messaging System Project in PHP
08-16-2014, 12:58 PM,
Bug  I need an Online Messaging System Project in PHP
Here's what this PHP project/app should do:
There should be 5 types of users: Admin, R, S, T and Demo

Admins should be able to:
  • Create the users R
  • Create the users S
  • Create the users T
  • Create the users Demo
  • Edit each user's details/profile
  • Manage (add,less) credit balance of user R,S and Demo
  • Download files uploaded by R and S users
  • Upload processed files back to the specific R and S users only
  • Create announcements that reflect on each users logged in page
  • See daily, weekly, monthly and user-entered time Reports
  • Files that are processed, uploaded back should be removed from the list so that they're not downloaded again and again, but they should remain in the system elsewhere.
  • Right to disable any account type

The User R should be able to
  • Create the users S
  • Manage its own profile
  • Upload multiple files at once of extension .txt,.xls,.doc only
  • Manage all S users created under itself and not by other R users
  • Add/Manage the balance of S users created by itself only

The user S should be able to
  • Manage its own account
  • Upload files in the extensions extension .txt,.xls,.doc only
  • See their Credit balance

The user T should be able to
  • Download the uploaded file by any user R or user S
  • Upload the downloaded file back to user R or user S

The Demo user should be able to
  • Use the system for 30 days only and should be prompted to registered as an S or an R user
  • Should be able to upload files but only single file at one time
  • Limit 3 file uploads per week

The idea behind Credit Balance
There should be a Credit Balance for R, and Demo users. The balance will be first added by the Admin and then can be seen by the respective users. The R users can see their own and S users balance that they created under their own name. The S and Demo users can see their own balance only and T users should not have any balance functionality.
The Current Balance should be shown to every user type applicable.

What else?
Some styling is necessary. I want that the project looks a little pro and not much but it shouldn't fall on its face in terms of designing.

Let's talk money
Please make sure that you send me the full project with all files in rar or zip and SQL file as well.
  • Deliver full working project by Sunday 1130 PM: INR 2000
  • Deliver full working project by Monday 1130 PM: INR 1500
  • Deliver full working project by Tuesday 1130 PM: INR 1000
  • Deliver full working project by Wednesday 1130 PM: INR 500

Note: I'm not making any money out of this but I do appreciate hard work which is why I am offering a payment to you. I am also a student and I will cut this out of my pocket money. I know its going to be hard to work on this so a reward should be yours. I will only pay when the project is fully working and have no errors however little things can still be ignored. I will PM you for how you want to receive your payment if the project is working and I like it. Only 1 project will earn.

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