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Hybrid System in Combination with Waste Heat Recovery Mechanical Engineering Project
12-18-2013, 08:19 AM, (This post was last modified: 12-18-2013, 10:23 AM by Ghanshyam.)
Hybrid System in Combination with Waste Heat Recovery Mechanical Engineering Project
Transport sector is one of the key factors in economy of development. The mobility, whether people or goods and also the range of accessibility, altogether create the heart of this importance. An efficient transportation system will lead to a higher economic and social opportunities and benefits. In contrast a deficient transport system has an opposite effect.
Having strong and mutual relation between development and transport in mind, global effect of transport sector can be better understood in an “international development” context. In other words, in the globalized world, impacts (with whether positive or negative contribution) on any of key playing factors (transportation, for example) will be globalized. Thus, when it comes to transportation, the way to sustainable development passes through sustainable transport.
In contrast to the term “Sustainable Development”, with its internationally widely accepted definition introduced by Brundtland Commission2, “Sustainable Transport” has not found its unique definition yet. A study of sixteen practitioner and research initiatives on transportation sustainability shows many different definitions and notes on the concept, along with six distinct approaches and frameworks to present the roadmap. However, and regardless of these differences, one core statement remains consistent: To reduce all transportation related pollutants and eliminate greenhouse effects.Although sustainable transport (and hence environmental related issues) includes a broad extent of different concepts ranged from roads, railways, airways, ports, canals, pipelines to infrastructure and energy, for the scope of this report only contribution of vehicles, in particular hybrid vehicles with diesel internal combustion engines and waste heat recovery systems are taken into consideration.

Download this Mechanical Engineering Project on making effiecient use of energy.

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