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Holiday booking system with users forum
09-25-2017, 12:14 PM,
Information  Holiday booking system with users forum
Woodlands Away are a new holiday company and they offer log cabin holidays in different
parts of the UK. These holidays offer luxury lodges nestled deep in woodland across the
Peak District and are a perfect retreat. There is a choice of three different cabins, luxury,
contemporary and original. All have a lavish style and include hot tubs. The park has a
number of features including a swimming pool, restaurant and small supermarket. There
are 100s of acres of peaceful woodland to explore.
Woodlands Away need a website to attract new customers and this needs to include an
online booking system and details of the facilities at the park and the log cabins. You have
been commissioned by the owners to produce a web-based application, which will enable
customers to view the log cabins at the park and book online and have access to an online
community forum, in which they will be able to ask questions and also answer questions
from other customers.
The owners have asked you to create a Booking System which allows visitors to create
their own personal account. The system will store the personal details of each customer,
their email address, postal address including postcode and gender so that appropriate
marketing material can be sent in future. Different prices are charged during the busier
summer months and each log cabin has a minimum price for at least 2 adults and 2
children. Each cabin can be booked for a weekend 4 days (Friday to Monday) or 5 days
(Monday to Friday).
Prices of each cabin type will be presented in local currency (pounds, euros and dollars).
The system also needs to allow the owners to modify bookings. Seasonal discount tickets
are available at various times of the year when visitor numbers are low and this should be
incorporated into the system.
Clients need to create their own account to log into the system. Once they log in they
should be presented with an interface that allows them to:
 View the details of the three different cabin types – luxury, contemporary and
 Book a log cabin for either 4 days (weekend) or 5 days (midweek).
 View the prices in their local currency.
 Access the online community forum.
You are expected to use a combination of PHP, MySQL and JavaScript to create this
application. Your application should also make use of a web service to show the bookings
that have been made.
Task 1 – 10 Marks
Create a setup page and tables for Woodlands Away.
Task 2 – 15 Marks
Create the login and registration system. This should include username and password and
store personal details, gender, postal address and an email address. To gain the highest
marks for this task you should make the system as robust as possible.
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Task 3 – 10 Marks
Ensure that the owners can add different prices for the log cabins for different months of
the year. The system should allow the owners to load images of the cabins and facilities at
the park along with a description.
Task 4 – 10 Marks
Ensure that visitors can see the dates/times the park is open and when special offer
tickets are available. You will need to be able to produce an online calendar to display this
Task 5 – 10 Marks
Ensure that the owners can modify bookings at the request of visitors. However they
cannot be deleted.
Task 6 – 15 Marks
Create the booking availability system to enable cabins to be booked. Available booking
dates should be displayed. Send an email confirming that the tickets have been booked.
Task 7 – 10 Marks
Once the visitors have logged on they should have access to an online community forum.
Create an online forum that can be accessed by registered users only.
Task 8 – 10 Marks
Explain how the system might be extended to add email newsletters to clients. What would
this involve? What coding would be required?

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