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03-16-2017, 05:55 PM, (This post was last modified: 03-16-2017, 05:55 PM by kamran_mehboob.)
GYM Buddy

Project Domain / Category
Web Based Application System

Gym Buddy is a user friendly website with the main target to help those who are following some fitness plans. It not only helps the Gym makers to manage their activities but also assist its members in their day to day activities. Gym members can now monitor their whole day diet and exercise plans. The performance graphs keep their pace up to achieve their goal. If the diet plan cannot be followed for some reasons, system will modify exercise plans accordingly. Members are now able to be connected 24/7 with their instructors and their class through this website.

Functional Requirements:
Functional requirements can be divided into three parts with respect to the roles of the users.

Following actions can be done by the admin:
1) He can add gym members and gym instructors and create personal accounts of them.
2) He can create new classes and assign instructor to them.
3) He can keep the records of balance paid and to be paid by members and instructors.
4) He can add new exercise details and update the old ones.
5) He can add food details (calories associated) and update the old ones.
6) He can schedule class timings and any change will be communicated to users through inbox messages.
7) Any medical history of the user can be added by admin.
Note: New features are subject to be added from time to time in this domain.

Following actions can be performed by the instructor:
1) He can generate general diet plan for the class.
2) He can assign specific diet plan to specific member.
3) He can generate exercise plan for the class as well as for specific member depending upon the history of an individual.
4) He can view medical history of his students.
5) He can share motivational quotes with the class.
Note: New features are subject to be added from time to time in this domain.

GYM Member
Following actions can be executed by the gym member:
1) He can see new notifications in his inbox.
2) He can update his status any time (like he enjoy something during exercise) which can be seen by other members of the class.
3) He can check his payment records and pay online.
4) He can set his target weight and the number of days suggested by him to achieve the target. Proper check and balance should be offered by the system
5) He can insert body weight weekly so that he can check his progress through graphs generated by the system.
6) He can follow recommended exercise plan from the instructor or can follow auto-generated one by the system. He can select by clicking which exercise is done per day and for how much duration. In this way, proper estimate can be calculated by the system for the target set weight.
7) He can follow the diet plan recommended as well as auto-generated by the system. He can make a food log taken per day so that calories burnt per day can be estimated with the input calories taken by the user in terms of food item. The system will calculate the estimated days to be exercised according to the plan followed for achieving the target weight.
8) The auto-generated exercise plan should be robust enough to accommodate changes in the diet plan done by the user.
9) Any queries can be directly asked from the instructor through mailbox.
10) Any promotions made by the gym should be seen in notification area.
Note: New features are subject to be added from time to time in this domain.

Visual Studio (latest version) with .net Framework + SQL Server (latest version)

Development Language:
C# (C sharp) with SQL.

Please help me if u can

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