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Flying on Flapping Wing Most Innovative Mechanical Engineering Project
12-19-2013, 04:41 AM,
Flying on Flapping Wing Most Innovative Mechanical Engineering Project
This project aims at the development of a bio-mimetic propulsion mechanism for a Flapping Wing Micro Aerial Vehicle, without considering the aerodynamics of the wings in the design. This artifcial bird will be the size of approximately 10-20cm.It covers the leading-edge vortex (LEV), the clap-and fling effect,rotational lift and wing wake interactions. This is followed by a review of natural appears. The aerodynamic and kinematic pattern of hummingbirds, bats, insects and small birds are summarized. Based on this review several diferent concepts of mechanisms for apping wings are generated, which are seperated for the apping motion and the pitching motion. Using a qualitative evaluation, the quality of the concepts are determined according to diferent criteria such as weight, size, robustness, mechanical complexity, expected power consumption and accuracy.
The best concept is used as basis for a 3D CAD design of the mechanism, which should mainly reproduce the desired kinematics. During the design process the focus is set more on getting a robust and simple mechanism, which could be used as a test bench for further investigations and measurements. Concluding, the mechanism is manufactured and assembled to prove the feasibility.

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