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Embedded based projects Ideas
12-17-2013, 07:24 AM,
Embedded based projects Ideas
Free Download Embedded based Projects Ideas

1. Can protocol implementation to enable robust serial communication for automotive applications.
2. Manchester code decoding controls the robot direction by TV remote.
3. Intelligent machine design by accessing the wireless commands.
4. Access control system using i-button with secret lock system.
5. Electronic eye with security system using RF with message broadcasting
6. Wireless digital energy meter.
7. Can networking for cars (controller area network of Bosch).
8. Design a prepaid electricity billing system using micro controller.
9. Micro controller based fire monitoring system in petrochemical industries
10. Interfacing color sensor with different wave lengths to micro controller.
11. Electronic door code lock using micro controller.
12. 8-channel data logger.
13. Temperature monitoring and control.
14. Bank token display system
15. Stepper motor control using micro controller.
16. Traffic light system.—
17. Modern house automation (ac/dc) using RF communication.--
18. Modern home (ac/dc) automation using GSM module.—
19. RFID based home/office security system.—
20. Tracing down the vehicle using GSM &satellite communication system
21. Automatic street power saving system with light dependent resistor.—
22. Temperature dependent dc fan speed control using thermistor---
23. Password operated industrial machinery control (wireless, more than 8 machinery).—
24. Digital lock.—
25. Electronic voting machine—
26. Industrial protection system using temperature, smoke sensors and light dependent resistor.3200/-
27. Stepper motor controller.—
28. Wireless chatting using RF.—
29. Interfacing a graphical LCD to microontroller.
30. Designing a prepaid electricity billing system using microcontroller for electric meter reading.
31. Wireless ac/dc device control for appliances using remote control.--
32. Self powered solar data logger.—
33. Microcontroller based fire monitoring system in petrochemical industries.—
34. Detecting the conditions of remote areas through data acquisition system using RF module.
35. Embedded based electronic code locking system.—
36. Microcontroller digital access control system—
37. Season based automatic streetlights switching.---
38. Microcontroller based temperature monitoring & contro—
39. Code request for door opening system.--
40. Autonomous robot that recognizes the obstacles and changes the path by it self using infra-red.—
41. Compact zigbee hand held unit for robot control.—
42. Real-time industrial process monitoring & control using GSM phone.—
43. High performance zigbee protocol implementation for RF communication.—
44. Microcontroller based unmanned bi-directional load carrier—
45. Embedded based digital object counter.—
46. Access control system using i-button.(1-wIRe protocol)—
47. Microwave heat oven temperature display system.—
48. Access control system with automatic door opening system. –
49. Password based electrical appliances control system using 89c51.—
50. RTC based intelligent automatic street light control using 89c51.—
51. 8-channel industrial security system using 89c51 MCU.—
52. Speed control of dc motor using pulse-width modulation.—
53. Graphical lcd display.—
54. Electronic eye 8051 based.—
55. Industrial automation & monitoring system.—
56. Detecting the conditions of remote areas through data acquisition system using RF module.
57. RFID based office attendance logger.—
58. RFID based parcel tracing system.—
59. Autonomous robot with path tracer.--
60. Implementation of colour sensor using 89c2051 microcontroller.—
61. Development of an embedded system for graphic information display.--
62. Development of an embedded system for multiprotocol data communication—
63. Zigbee stack development for industrial automation.--
64. Zigbee stack development for computer networking.—
65. Zigbee stack development for home automation.--
66. Design & implementation of RF based security system for industries
67. Wireless based (RF) industrial automation system.—
68. Implementing process control & monitoring system using can.—
69. Design and implementation of home automation using can.--
70. Implementing wireless PC to PC communication using RF.--
71. Automatic railway gate system.—
72. Microcontroller based standalone temperature measurement system.—
73. Fire fighting robotics with artificial intelligence.—
74. Embedded password based security door lock system using 89s52.—
75. LDR based power saver for street light control system using 89s52.—
76. Implementation of colour sensor.—
77. Energy meter with prepaid card.—
78. Automatic shopping mall door opening.—
79. Range measurement using IR.—
80. Microcontroller based reversible d.c motor control.—
81. Multilevel car parking by MCU
82. Automatic railway crossing Gate controller.—
83. Electronic eye with security system.---
84. Microcontroller based scrolling message display---
85. Light sensing robot.—
86. Voltage logger.—
87. Temperature control and monitoring.---
88. Wireless data acquisition. --
89. SPDT relay with under/over voltage protection. --
90. Programmable digital timer cum clock. --
91. I2C Based Weather Station Recorder. --
92. Metal Detector using microcontroller. --
93. Single channel data acquisition system (PC interface). –
94. Dual channel data acquisition system (PC interface).—
95. Multi-channel data acquisition system (PC interface).—
96. Eight channel data acquisition system (PC interface).
97. Data acquisition system with control system (PC interface). –
98. Intruder and burglar alarm—
99. Fire sensing and control system. –
100. Multi-channel fire sensing and control system

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