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Development of Dynamic Model For Coal-Fired Power Plants-Mechanical Engineering
12-18-2013, 10:57 AM,
Lightbulb  Development of Dynamic Model For Coal-Fired Power Plants-Mechanical Engineering
The expansion of renewable energies and the deregulations of the energy market are increasing the demand of regulating power. In absence of hydropower, thermal power is often used for this purpose instead. This thesis focuses on the Vattenfall owned power plant Jänschwalde located in Germany. The goal is to optimize the start-up procedure, so that the start-up time is reduced without causing too much thermal stress on the important thickwalled components in the boiler. By reducing the start-up time, the plant can become more protable, exible and better suited to regulate the electricity market.
A start-up model was built in Dymola and validated against measurement data and a simulation model of Jänschwalde, which is too complex to use for optimization purposes. The platform was used for the optimization part of the project. It was possible to nd optimal solutions for the start-up process of the Jänschwalde power plant, but the
convergence of the optimization algorithm was very dependent on the optimization options used and the scaling of the plant model. Further work includes development of the components used in the start-up model, rening the discretization and scaling for the optimization problem.

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