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College Training & Placement Cell Management
09-20-2015, 06:33 PM,
College Training & Placement Cell Management

i want a project in php for College Training & Placement Cell Management.

This project is aimed at developing an online application for the Training and Placement Dept. of the college. The system is an online application that can be accessed throughout the organization and outside as well with proper login provided. This system can be used as an application for the TPO of the college to manage the student information with regards to placement. Students logging should be able to upload their information in the form of a CV. Visitors/Company representatives logging in may also access/search any information put up by Students.
Problem Definition:
Now a day, Student joins the college for the placement as well as for better training for their future. But there is manual training has going on there might be lot of problem student as well as placement manager has to face. Placement Manager has to take the resume manually from the student that one burden maintaining the paper work. If any student got call for Interview placement manager has to inform to the student.
Proposed System:
In order to avoid above existing problem we are design existing system as online Training and Placement system, so the what ever the information placement manager has to pass to the student he/she can inform online. All the resume send by the student which can be maintain in the database and if any interview call placement manager got he/she can inform through mail to every student.
Functional components of the project:
Following is a list of functionalities of the system. More functionality that you find appropriate can be added to this list. And, in places where the description of functionality is not adequate, you can make appropriate assumptions and proceed.
1. A person should be able to
Access/ Search CVs/information from the first page (only read access).
login to the system through the first page of the application
change the password after logging into the system
Upload his/her CV.
See/change his/her details.
Get help about the application on how to use the different features of the system.
2. An admin login should be present who can read as well as remove any uploads. Preferably it should be given to the TPO.

please help as soon as possible

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