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Camera Based Interactive Wall Display
09-07-2014, 06:31 AM,
Camera Based Interactive Wall Display

There are many different ways to manipulate OS, we can use keyboard, mouse or touch screen. When doing presentation, it is inconvenient to control the OS and present at the same time. Our system, interactive wall, allows you to use hand to control OS on the projection screen but not touch screen. You can now experience a new way to control your cursor

Our system can be applied to the existing equipment, so we don’t need to purchase any expensive touch screen. The system requires one web camera to detect the hand and then you can start to experience our system. Also, three LED lights are required to put on the fingers to help the system to detect the location of the hand and the gesture performing.

The physical equipment is not restricted. Any size of projection screen can be set up for the system or you can use a wall or a table to project the screen. User can be more flexible to enjoy our interactive wall in any places.

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