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Automatic Detection of Fake Profiles in Online Social Networks
07-24-2015, 03:05 PM,
Automatic Detection of Fake Profiles in Online Social Networks
In the present generation, the social life of everyone has become associated with the
online social networks. These sites have made a drastic change in the way we pursue
our social life. Making friends and keeping in contact with them and their updates
has become easier. But with their rapid growth, many problems like fake profiles,
online impersonation have also grown. There are no feasible solution exist to control
these problems. In this project, we came up with a framework with which automatic
detection of fake profiles is possible and is efficient. This framework uses classification
techniques like Support Vector Machine, Nave Bayes and Decision trees to classify
the profiles into fake or genuine classes. As, this is an automatic detection method,
it can be applied easily by online social networks which has millions of profile whose
profiles can not be examined manually.


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