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Assignment Submission and Result Management
03-17-2018, 11:39 AM,
Assignment Submission and Result Management
A University uses assignments as one of the tool for formative evaluation. A student
who enrolls for a programme of the University needs to submit one assignment for
every subject that s/he enrolls in every semester. The assignments are submitted at a
centre (called Learning Centre) where student attend theory and practical counseling
sessions. You need to design and develop an Assignment Submission and Result
Management system for the Learning Centre. Every subject has an assignment; the
last date of submission of assignments of different subjects may be different. When
assignments are submitted by the students, they are bundled in the lots of 50 each.
An evaluator is allotted a maximum of 100 assignments (2 lots). The assignments are
evaluated in two stages – in stage one evaluator is given the assignments and asked
to evaluate them in a maximum duration of 2 weeks, in case an evaluator does not
evaluate the assignment in two week time s/he is sent a reminder. In case an
evaluator fails to submit the evaluated assignments in the duration of 3 weeks s/he is
debarred for any further evaluation work. In such case these assignments are
evaluated on request by another evaluator. The second stage of assignment
evaluation is viva or presentation by the student. This is done in the presence of the
evaluator who had evaluated the assignment. The comments of the evaluator are
communicated to the student and marks are awarded to the student on completion of
both the stages of evaluation by the evaluator. The marks of all the students are
compiled as results of different assignments – programme wise and in programme,
subject wise and sent to the University office in printed form (duly signed by
evaluator and centre coordinator) as well as electronic form. The soft copy and hard
copy data of marks of the student must be kept at the study centre for a period of 10
years, after which the marks are achieved in electronic form.
Analyse the system requirements and do good system design. Use suitable data
structure/database to create this system. You may add more functionality into the

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