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AntiLock Breaking System Mechanical/Automobile Engineering Project
12-02-2013, 03:05 AM,
Lightbulb  AntiLock Breaking System Mechanical/Automobile Engineering Project
This report describes an intelligent approach to control an Antilock Braking System (ABS) employing a fuzzy controller. Stopping a car in a hurry on a slippery road can be very challenging. Anti-lock braking systems (ABS) take a lot of the challenge out of this sometimes nerve-wracking event. In fact, on slippery surfaces, even professional drivers can't stop as quickly without ABS as an average driver can with ABS. Anti-lock Brake improves the controllability of vehicles in compare with brake systems lacking ABS. Fuzzy is a multi-valued logic developed to deal with imprecise or vague data. Classical logic holds that everything can be expressed in binary terms: 0 or 1; in terms of Boolean algebra, everything is in one set or another but not in both. Fuzzy logic allows for partial membership in a set, values between 0 and 1. When the approximate reasoning of fuzzy logic is used with an expert system, logical inferences can be drawn from imprecise relationships.
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