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ARP Spoofing
12-09-2013, 05:09 AM,
ARP Spoofing
ARP spoofing attack, one of the most important security topics, is
usually taught in courses such as Intrusion Detection in Local
Area Networks (LANs). In such a course, hands-on labs are very
important as they facilitate students’ learning on how to detect
ARP spoofing using various types of security solutions, such as
intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS/IPS). The
preparation of these hands-on labs are usually the task of Security
Instructors who are required to select and use efficient security
solutions for their hands-on experiments; the problem that
presents itself is that most of these security instructors lack the
sufficient hands-on experience and skills. For this reason and
because of the diversity of the available security solutions, the
security instructors are having much difficulty when selecting the
adequate security solutions for their hands-on labs.
This paper is a comparative study for educational purpose. It
provides analysis based on practical experiments carried out on a
number of security solutions regarding their ability to detect ARP
spoofing. Our analysis provides means for security instructors to
evaluate and select the appropriate security solutions for their
hands-on labs. In addition, we clearly show that ARP spoofing has
not been given enough attention by most tested security solutions,
even though this attack presents a serious threat, is very harmful
and more dangerously it is easy to conduct. As a solution, we
propose the requirements for an ideal algorithm that can be used
by security attack.

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