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3D Modeling and Virtual Manufacturing of a Machine
12-02-2013, 02:53 AM,
3D Modeling and Virtual Manufacturing of a Machine
The primary goal of engineering is to transform ideas into products that are economical and reliable. The process of designing and manufacturing of a product often involves a sizable investment and draws on various disciplines and resources.
Engineering is an important key to product design. Product design determines the functions, appearance, cost of production and the ability to plan and control the manufacturing processes.
It is known that 80% of the resources and cost r[/b]equired to produce a part are spent at its designing stage. Engineering design has been influenced heavily by the CAD technology and tools available to designers. Similarly, manufacturing has undergone major changes with the introduction of Numerically Controlled (NC) and Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machine tools. These machines have replaced conventional machines, thus offering increased flexibility, superior accuracy, and shorter production cycles.
CAD/ CAM integration began with the development of NC technology. NC machine tools have been improving steadily in both areas of hardware control and software developments. NC part programming and interactive computer graphics have contributed heavily to these developments.

CATIA V5 and MASTERCAM Mechanical Engineering Project

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