Full Version: Voice Operated Intelligent Fire Extinguisher Vehicle Electrical Engineering Project
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Project Abstract:-The project aims at designing an intelligent voice operated fire extinguishing robotic vehicle which can be controlled wirelessly through RF communication. The Robotic vehicle has a camera mounted on it whose direction can also be controlled using voice commands. The proposed vehicle has a water jet spray which is capable of sprinkling water. The sprinkler can be moved towards the required direction. The advent of new high-speed technology provided realistic opportunity for new robot controls and realization of new methods of control theory. This technical improvement together with the need for high performance robots created faster, more accurate and more intelligent robots using new robots control devices, new drivers and advanced control algorithms. This project describes a new economical solution of robot control systems. The presented robot control system can be used for different sophisticated robotic applications.


1. Construction of speech based intelligent fire extinguisher vehicle system.
2. Live images feed back through wireless video camera.
3. Obstacle detection capability.
4. Night vision capability.
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