Full Version: Using Artificial Neural Network(ANN) for lips recognition
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1- the program opens an image after clicking on is open
2- A user clicks 10 clicks on different places of the lip
3-The program stores the rate of red (R/R+G+B), green(G/R+G+B) and blue(B/R+G+B) in txt file for this pixel and its neighbors (3 * 3 window)
4-Will be applied to this case, 100 photos, and store images in the same previous txt
4- Must also making another txt (Class zero) to put the same rate on the same images but any area of the face except the lips
5- Define threshold values
6- Put weights and network design.
7-Must also apply erosion and dilation in order to hide the black dots in the image that will probably appear
8-You must use the technique "Enclose Area "
9-In the end, the program will put a rectangle on the lip area only.