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OnlineBloodBankManagementsystem in asp.netc#
04-02-2014, 12:33 AM
OnlineBloodBankManagementsystem in asp.netc#
The aim of this socially relevant project is to manage the donation and storing of blood in Blood Bank Users can register as a Donor.
His details will be stored in the back-end database. User can also request for specific blood group.
This system is intended to provide information about the availability of blood in emergency conditions at their respective locations . Reservation of Blood though online and maintaining the status of donors for future donations. Gathering Volunteers for blood bank and hospitals. Updated information about blood donation camps and ensuring secure blood transfusion.

The intense clerical activity in the Blood Bank has prompted the use of computers to alleviate this problem.
‘Blood Donation Tips, A computerized Blood Bank Management system is described. Features include product oriented data input, inventory control reports, product utilization reports, rapid retrieval of individual patient reports
This is a web based project and the users can start search with a particular blood group and their location, then the system will lists all the name of all users with the required group. If they need the details or need to contact with them, then the user must register in the system and send a request to admin with the blood group and other information’s.
Admin have the responsibility to view the requests and redirect the request to all the donors with that particular blood group and the acceptor details such as phone number, email, location etc. Then the donors they are ready to donate can directly interact with the acceptor. The donors must enter all the donating date.
When redirecting the request to the donors the admin must filter the donors in such a way that they have at least 3 months interval between the current date and the last donating date.

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04-11-2014, 05:03 PM
RE: OnlineBloodBankManagementsystem in asp.netc#
can u provide source code for this project

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