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online lost people finding system in
07-24-2017, 05:15 AM, (This post was last modified: 07-24-2017, 05:16 AM by krishna buch.)
online lost people finding system in
well , i want to create website for lost people finding system . here i m giving the flow :
Registration : police and users . in home there should b login and registration options with profile . if we search any registered users profile there should be photo of registered users with city and brief details of them (either they are police or normal user)
common registration details :
name ,last name , email id , phone no , photo , city , state, country , mobile no . (local phone no and mobile number)

working concept :

if any registered user posts in website that he/she has lost someone , or anyone disappeared from their life suddenly they can post with following details :
lost man/woman photo, name , city , country , state , and a big text with posted detail , a post text to describe when they saw lost man/woman last time , and full story how they just lost and disappeared from which place ext . post text will b written by any user .

now any registered police can visit this website and watch daily latest posts as per date and time . and can help in this case .

also any user visit this website and register and if they found that lost baby can help.

-> any register user can reply to any post . there should be reply option with reply senders name , email and phone no .

-> mobile and phone numbers are very important . i anyone finds lost man/woman can contact immediately . to posted user .

we have many websites like just dial , sulekha to find properties flats , paying guests , tifin services , online job portal websites , but there is no website for kids lost or any lost people . so please if possible help me for this website . at least make it local . i will host it . thank u Smile

copy right : komal buch

my contact no : +91 8141475385(gujarat)

signature : Kbuch

website must be developed in .net only (ASP.Net)
10-01-2018, 12:46 PM,
RE: online lost people finding system in
It is a very good system and people will find it very useful. Get to so that you can get advice on the right developer to work on this idea. Remember that it is not easy and might cost you a lot.

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